Grease Interceptor Accessories


E.C Babbert, Inc. is proud to offer EJ 1490-ZPT castings with our Grease Interceptors.

Grade Rings

E.C. Babbert, Inc. manufacturers precast concrete grade rings to raise your manhole's casting to grade. Grade rings are stock items and readily available for 24" ID and 36" ID manhole openings. 24" ID grade rings are available in 2", 3", 4" & 6" heights. 36" ID grade rings are available in 3", 4" & 6" heights.

PSX Direct Drive Boot image

PSX Direct Drive

PSX Direct Drive is a high-performance watertight pipe connector. It is the premier seal in the industry for providing watertight connections to structures. PSX Direct Drive meets and/or exceeds ASTM C923 - Standard Specification for Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete Structures, Pipe, and Laterals. PSX Direct Drive's patented stainless steel power sleeve and adjuster installs quickly and easily providing a flexible watertight seal for the most demanding applications. It differs from most competitive connectors with its all stainless steel components, no plastic parts or no welds or rivets. We use PSX Direct Drive PSXDD8QRS on our Grease Interceptors.

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