E.C. Babbert, Inc. is your one-stop destination for all your precast concrete needs. Our service is second to none and our products surpass all others in quality and endurance. We offer an extensive list of products, many of which are in stock and readily available. If you need specialty items, we  can quote and build custom engineered products that meet the specifications or we  can design and submit an alternate design for approval.

Company History

Founded in 1960 by E.C. Babbert, E.C. Babbert, Inc. opened for business in Columbus, OH. In the early days, the company mostly installed septic tanks, pumps, and softeners. When the city of Columbus needed an enormous amount of concrete barriers for a downtown sport car race, E.C. Babbert was awarded the contract, placing the business on its road to big success. Now this family owned business, which has grown steadily over the years, manufactures just about any concrete product that is used below grade from its two plant locations, Canal Winchester, OH and Lancaster, OH.

E.C. Babbert and his sons, Chuck Babbert, President of Sales, and Ron Babbert, President of Production, are proud to manage the business and look forward to a bright future in the precast concrete industry.

Babbert Family
Photo Courtesy of Brian Brosmer

Associations and Awards

The Babberts have been actively involved in the National Precast Concrete Association since 1970 and both E.C. and his son Chuck have served on the board of directors for the association. E.C. served as President in 1976-77, and was awarded the Yoakum Award for his company's leadership and inspiration in the precast industry. The Yoakum Award is NPCA's highest honor.

Following in his father's footsteps, Chuck Babbert received the 2015 NPCA Yoakum Award to a standing ovation. As of 2105 the Babberts were one of only four families with multi-generational Yoakum Award recipients.

E.C. Babbert was featured as a Precast Pioneer in Precast Inc. Magazine March/April 2015 edition.

Both Babbert plants are certified annually through NPCA's plant certification process and are able to produce Ohio Department of Transportation products in addition to various other City products.

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