Our precast concrete grease and oil interceptors stand apart from interceptors made of alternative materials

Our precast concrete grease and oil interceptors can be made to withstand the rigors of traffic loading. Precast concrete will strengthen over time, so your interceptor durability will only increase. Alternative materials such as steel and HDPE can deteriorate over time, thus becoming less durable and more prone to problems.

G5-O5 Interceptor

Precast concrete grease and oil interceptor tanks are heavier than interceptors made of alternative materials. The heavy weights are beneficial when buoyancy control is an issue. Generally precast concrete interceptors do not require the use of on site buoyancy compensators. This drastically reduces the time and labor required to complete the project.

Installation is simpler and faster with less risk of damage during setting. Precast concrete grease and oil interceptor tanks are engineered to withstand both internal and external forces without relying on restraining soil or water as is necessary with some tanks made of other materials. You must fill most fiberglass or HDPE tanks with water at the same rate as you backfill around the exterior of the tank to avoid tank failure. Some tanks even require cast-in-place concrete reinforcement or some type of restraint. These elaborate installation procedures increase the risk of eventual product failure due to improper installation which is not a concern with our precast concrete interceptors.

In this day and age where environmental concerns are on the rise, precast concrete grease and oil interceptors are the environmentally friendly answer to your interceptor needs. Concrete is non-toxic and made from natural ingredients, so when used in underground applications, precast concrete grease and oil interceptors do not affect groundwater or surface water quality.

Precast concrete interceptor tanks may contribute to LEED Requirements for Sustainable Sites and Material and Resources. Our precast concrete grease and oil interceptors are delivered to the site ready to set, thereby reducing the staging area required. This reduces the overall site disturbance. The raw materials used in our precast concrete grease and oil interceptors are all extracted, harvested, or manufactured within 500 miles of our site.

Precast concrete interceptor tanks are extremely versatile and can be made to order. Most of our standard products are in stock and readily available. We can also quote and build custom engineered grease and oil interceptors that meet the engineers' specifications or we  can design and submit an alternate design for approval. We have worked with various city, county, state, and federal agencies and can assure that our product designs meet the various requirements and regulations. With NPCA Plant Certification, all of our suppliers must meet the same top quality standards we hold ourselves to and therefore all of the materials we provide will meet or exceed the applicable specifications.

Our service is second to none and can be added as a part of the product package for some of our interceptors. Our service plan not only maintains your interceptor but also ensures you have a paper trail to show compliance with local ordinances

Browse our pages then check with a sales representative for availability and/or production schedule. We pride ourselves in working with customers to ship structures to the jobsite within a timely manner to meet demands.

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