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O-Ring Gasket

O-Ring gasket for manhole joints. O-ring gaskets are a time tested product and an effective product for sealing manholes. E.C. Babbert, Inc. is proud to offer Universal Polymer & Rubber 0-rings.

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CON-SEAL CS-102 butyl sealant

CS-102 is a high performance butyl sealing compound that meets required ASTM, AASHTO, and federal specifications. This sealant provides permanently flexible watertight joints. Sealed joints will not shrink, harden or oxidize upon aging. CS-102 has excellent chemical and mechanical adhesion to clean dry surfaces.

Product Info

We stock conseal in the following sizes:
" x 21' Roll (12 per carton)
"x21' Roll (8 per carton)
1"x14.5' Roll (8 per carton)
1 "x14.5' Roll (5 per carton)
1"x14.5' Roll (8 per carton)
1"x14.5' Roll (8 per carton)

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