Lift Stations


Lift Stations, in most cases, include pumps, float switches, control panel, piping from L.S. to valve pit, delivery and setting. Sizes range from 48" ID to 126" ID. We can quote and build larger lift stations that meet the engineers' specifications or we can design and submit an alternate lift station for approval.

Sanitary Lift Stations

Sanitary Lift Stations are designed to remove sanitary waste from residential or commercial areas where gravity flow is not practical. The Lift Station includes a wet well to house the submersible pumps, a guide rail system to facilitate removal of the pumps from ground level, and discharge pipes connected to the valve vault. The valve vault portion of the Lift Station houses the control valves and an emergency pump connection. These valves allow isolation of either pump for maintenance or service.

Lift Stations are manufactured in strict accordance with plans and specifications furnished by the customer's engineer. In general terms, these Lift Stations will include the pumps, discharge piping and a level control system.

Stormwater Pump Stations

Stormwater Pump Stations are constructed for the removal of surface water from areas lacking drainage or for control of storm water run off. These pump stations are similar to Sanitary Lift Stations in many respects, except they often do not include the valve vault. In these cases the control valves are installed in the pump station or in small cast iron valve boxes.

Stormwater Pump Stations can be designed with submersible pumps or with other style pumps, such as vertical turbine pumps or propeller pumps, where high flows are encountered.

Effluent Pump Stations

Effluent Pump Stations are usually installed after the waste treatment process. This could be a small treatment plant, septic system, or home aeration system. The purpose of these pumps is to move the effluent to the disposal site, such as a leach bed or (where approved) a storm sewer. The Effluent Pump Station is a self-contained system with one pump under 1 HP and all the piping installed in the sump, and includes a high level alarm to indicate a failure of the system.

Effluent Pump Stations are installed in 24" ID or 36" ID sumps, as well as 500 gallon or 1,000 gallon pump tanks. Additional sizes and capacities are available if required.

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