Spill/Leak Secondary Containment Vessels

We have worked closely with the regulatory agencies in the design of our spill/leak secondary containment vessels to protect the environment and ground water from accidental spills and leaks from your above ground petroleum storage tank. Our containment vessels have a capacity exceeding 125% of the volume of the petroleum storage tank for which they are intended. This allows for the chance existence of rain water or ice and sow in the vessel at the time of the spill or leak.

Spill/Leak Secondary Containment Vessels image

Concrete Specifications

The concrete is air-entrained and has a minimum of 5000 psi compressive strength when delivered. Compressive strengths over 7000 psi are common in our vessels after 30 days. The reinforcing steel is designed for the dynamic forces that exist when transporting the units. These forces far exceed those experienced on site.

Non-sparking Liquid Removal System (Optional)

To allow for removal of rain water or the recovery of spilled or leaked petroleum products, we can provide a siphon arrangement mounted on the wall of the vessel. This siphon automatically breaks when the vessel empties and must be manually primed the next time the owner wishes to discharge the contents. This arrangement is an improvement over a simple pipe and faucet which can be left open.
Anchor Bolt System

Anchor bolts are furnished to tie down the petroleum storage tank. These anchor bolts with cable tie-downs (by others) will prevent the floatation of the fuel tank by rain water and/or leakage in the containment vessel.

Spill/Leak Secondary Containment Vessel Product List

Fuel tank enclosures used for spill/leak containment are available in two standard sizes. We can quote and build custom engineered fuel tank enclosures that meet the engineers' specifications or we can design and submit an alternate design for approval. We have worked with various city, county, state, and federal agencies and can assure that our product designs meet the various requirements and regulations. Following is a list of our standard Spill/Leak Secondary Containment Vessel products. If you need something you don't see here, please .

  • 550 Gallon Spill/Leak Secondary Containment Vessel
  • 1000 Gallon Spill/Leak Secondary Containment Vessel
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