E.C. Babbert, Inc. pre-cast concrete wingwalls meet ODOT HW-1.1 Type A, City of Columbus AA-S167 Type A, Delaware County DCED-S167 Type A as well as many other city and county specifications.

Our wingwalls are designed for pipe sizes from 42" thru 72". ODOT, City of Columbus, and Delaware County wingwall specs begin at 42" pipe. ODOT does not allow the use of pre-cast wingwalls for pipe sizes larger than 72". If your project requires a wingwall for a pipe size outside of these specifications, we can quote and submit for approval a straight headwall or endwall as an alternate. If a Type B wingwall is specified, we may be able to quote and submit as detailed or quote and submit an alternate for approval. Please contact us with the details for the wingwall specified for your project.

Wingwalls front image
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