The Norweco Singulairy system utilizes the most up-to-date wastewater treatment technology. It was developed to serve homes and small businesses beyond the reach of city sewers. The Singulair system employs a treatment method similar to the method used by most municipal wastewater treatment facilities. This method involves a natural, biological breakdown of the organic matter in wastewater.

Wastewater enters the pretreatment chamber where anaerobic bacterial action combines with the effects of gravity to precondition the waste before it flows into the aeration chamber. Once in the aeration chamber, aerobic bacteria utilize the organic matter in the wastewater to biologically convert the waste into stable substances. Following aeration, flow is transferred to the clarification chamber where the effects of gravity settle out biologically active material. The Bio-Static sludge return, located in the clarification chamber, creates hydraulic currents that gently transfer settled particles back to the aeration chamber. As clarified liquids pass through the Bio-Kinetic system, they are filtered, settled and flow equalized. As a result, complete pretreatment, aeration, clarification and final filtration are assured. The Singulair system reliably protects you, your property and the environment.

Singulair Aerator

The aerator has been specifically designed for use in the Singulair system and includes special alloy and molded plastic parts to prolong aerator life. Aerator bearings are pre-lubricated and sealed. Singulair aerators are installed in a concrete mounting casting above the aeration chamber. Fresh air enters the aerator though four intake ports located under the aerator handle. The air is drawn down the hollow aspirator shaft where it is introduced below the liquid surface. Only the molded plastic aspirator and the lower portion of the stainless steel aspirator shaft are submerged.

The aerator is not designed to run under water and will automatically shut off if a high water condition occurs. If the liquid rises to the level of the foam restrictor, the control center will shut off power to the aerator and an automatic diagnostic sequence begins.

Fresh Air Venting System

An aerator vent assembly is cat into the concrete access cover above each aerator. The vent assembly supplies fresh air to the aerator, which is drawn through the aspirator and into the wastewater. Finished landscaping should be maintained six inches below the top of the vented access cover and graded to drain run-off away from the cover. Do not allow plants, shrubbery, mulch or landscaping of any type to restrict the flow of air to the vent assembly or obstruct the access cover.

Bio-Staticy Sludge Return

Each Bio-Static sludge return is installed in the aeration/clarification chamber wall. Aeration chamber hydraulic currents enter the sludge return(s) and transfer solids from the clarification chamber back to the aeration chamber for additional treatment. The Bio-Static sludge return accomplishes re-suspension and return of settled solids without disturbing the contents of the clarification chamber.

Bio-Kineticy System

Bio-Kinetic systems provide non-mechanical flow equalization through all plant processes which preserves treatment integrity and enhances system operation. Equalization reduces incoming hydraulic surges (e.g. typical shower of 10 minutes duration, bathtub discharge of 5 minutes duration, clothes washer or dish washer discharge of 2 minutes duration) throughout the system. As a result, hydraulic surges and periods of high wastewater flow are automatically reduced to protect the environment and all treatment plant processes on a demand use, as needed, basis.

The Bio-Kinetic system contains 3 separate filtration zones, 8 independent settling zones, optional chlorination and de-chlorination tablet feed systems and serves as its own chlorine contact chamber. When used with Blue Crystal disinfecting tablets, the performance of the Bio-Kinetic system as a chlorination device is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 46, Section 11.

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Information on this page is taken from the Norweco Singulairy Owners Manual zMMVII NORWECO, INC.

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