Singulair Service

Semi-annual service inspections, at six month intervals for the first two years of system operation, are provided and included in the original purchase price of the Singulair system. Costs for travel and labor are not charged to the owner. During an inspection, each mechanical aerator, Bio-Kinetic system and other plant components are serviced. After the initial two year service program is completed, continued service is available at the owner's option. The service program should be renewed by the owner to insure maximum system performance.

The following services will be performed during each service inspection:

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For more information please contact Opie Hreha at:

Toll Free: 1-800-438-2880 extension 20

Phone: 614-837-8444 extension 20


Information on this page is taken from the Norweco Singulairy Owners Manual zMMVII NORWECO, INC.