Stacking Push Block/Retaining Wall

6' blockOur Push Block/Retaining Wall has a multitude of uses. It can be used as a landscaping feature, structural retaining wall, or for erosion control. They are often used to create material storage areas such as mulch bins, salt dumps, waste materials, or as segregation walls.

Our Push Block/Retaining Wall can also be used indoors to create safety barriers for pedestrian aisles or traffic corridors, to block off dangerous areas such as transformers, or protect impact points from fork-lifts.

They have even been used simply to create a substantial surface for loaders to push materials against while filling their buckets. There are countless uses for these versatile, inexpensive blocks.

We have recently added a decorative block to our product line. This block has a texture resembling stone blocks and can be colored to resemble various types of masonry. Our Textured Stacking Push Block is a gtreat wayto inexpensively enhance your landscaping project.  Don't forget to check out our photo gallery!


Stacking Push Block/Retaining Wall Product List

Following is a list of our standard Push Block/Retaining Wall products. If you need something you don't see here, please contact us.


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